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Terms of Use

Use Agreement

By continuing from this point, to customize a card, "user" (that is you) agrees to the following:

User understands that they are responsible for the content of the card they are creating, including,
but not limited to the text, graphics, photographs or any other images uploaded and added to the
card during the customization process. User hereby guarantees that they have the right to use the
afore mentioned text, graphics, photographs or other images and that they are not subject to
copyright or ownership by other entities, whether public, private or other. In doing so, user
accepts full responsibility for any legal action that might arise from the use of said text, graphics,
photographs or other images and holds HopeArt, Inc., it`s owners, employees, their heirs,
friends, family and pets harmless in every way. User understands also that HopeArt reserves
the right to NOT produce any card found to be in poor taste. That means nothing of a sexual nature, no foul
language...period! To sum it all up, only use what you have the right to use when you customize
your cards and be appropriate with the content. Thank you!

Privacy Policy

HopeArt, Inc. values your privacy!
We will not sell rent distribute, loan or LOSE your information ever!
However, we do collect generic data on our website so we know who visits.
This data does not have your personal information...just geographical statistics.
When you sign up as a member, your information is only used for purposes related
to this website and it`s products. We do not use the information for any other reason!
Your payment information is safe and we do not retain any credit card information.
In fact, you are paying us through PayPal.

Copyrighted Material and Intellectual Property

Basically, if it`s artwork and it`s on www.hopeartgreetings.com website,
it belongs to Hopeart, Inc.

If you choose to use it without our express written permission, there
is a good chance that we will seek to make you pay for it with legal action.
If you download a watermarked picture the size of a matchbook, photoshop
it and use it to make cheap wedding invitations, well then you are truly
a cheapskate with an upcoming divorce anyway!

Mistakes and Such

Basically, this site is based on wysiwyg principles...
and that is truly because what you see is what you get.
The technology used on this site to produce the PDF`s used
to print your custom products is only capable of producing exactly
what you have created. There can and will be slight variations
between the color you see and what is printed...that has to do with your screen,
it`s settings, webcolors versus PDF RGB and other things like that.
However, the color will be accurate to the original and the text and picture will
be exactly where you put them, so pay attention to the proofs you are given.
That is what the finished product will look like and the last step in the checkout
process makes you responsible. We love our customers and if a card is going
to come out looking terrible, we are going to do our best to give you an opportunity to
fix it before we print it. There may be cases though, when we just don`t realize that
you meant to do something else. So please carefully proof the products!
We will gladly refund your money when we make mistakes!